Aww man…

So, I was driving to apply for a job at some place called Taco Mamacita, and I wrecked my car. I was looking for my next street to turn, and I totally did not notice that I was approaching an intersection with a red light. I was supposed to stop, but instead I plowed into a car.
My car is pretty messed up, but luckily I have car insurance. I feel like crap, but I think I will live. I just feel embarrassed about the whole incident.
Not having a car is going to hinder my job search. So if anyone wants to be my personal driver, hit me up!
This is the end of this post; my pain pills are kicking in. Over and out!

Here is a picture of a picture of the damage to my car. Poor Kia!

The picture are really fuzzy, but you get the idea.


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