Cleaning, Caroling, and Other Tuesday Ramblings

To keep myself busy while I am waiting for a job, I have decided to start keeping house. I have never been much of a house cleaner, but I figured this will keep me busy and make my house look nice! So far I have cleaned the living room. Here is my work so far.

I have a few other things to tidy up then I am going to move on to the bathroom. Ugh. That should be loads of fun. Not!

On a more interesting note I went to a sneak peek of Disney’s A Christmas Carol last night. It was a preety good movie. The animation was beautiful, but there were not as many 3D effects as I had expected.
I am not usually a Jim Carey fan, but I found him charming in this movie. The other characters were likable as well, but sometimes they looked weird. It is hard to explain what exactly was weird about them; I think it was something with their eyes. Sometimes they looked blind because they had an odd far away look on their face.
The Disney interpretation of the story was good but I felt it lacked originality, it was very much like every other telling of the story I have seen. Over all I enjoyed the movie. It is rated PG, but I would not recommend it for small children. A few scenes were kind of creepy!


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